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July 23, 2021

A new chapter for Traces…

A new chapter for Traces Retraced is here. We started the centralized web site here (https://traces-retraced.film/) to talk only about the film and its production. This site will continue to handle all studio productions including the commissioned projects for fine...

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Alatia: What is Alatia?

Alatia: What is Alatia?

To continue the publication of the thesis, let's answer the question what is Alatia? For the matter, I bring you today the description of Alatia. From its creation process and where the inspiration was born. It takes a great deal of resources and effort for a short...

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Boris’ Portfolio-Journal

Boris' Portfolio can be found here, talking about the process of creation and creative track, from concept to 3D printed and animation. Boris is very important for the story and the film. Because of that, we are posting Boris' Portfolio. As of today, it has the visual...

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