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Concentrating efforts

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Business of Animation | 0 comments

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Concentrating efforts and studio time to better tackle the financing and production of the film, we closed the Patreon account. For that matter, our full time efforts will be given to the studio shop and of course, the film. Concentrating efforts on this way will make the production of the film more manageable.

The first scene is taking shape very well and the special effect sounds are giving it a great feeling. And the adaptation of the new workflow to the modeling, rigging and animating the characters is starting to make the process more fun.

Cultural influences

Concentrating efforts now is to find that melody that will cover the feeling required for the scene. It is two teens taking over the world, or so they think (like we all do at that age). But we don’t want Hollywood style music. It is difficult to express on this medium (text form) but we are looking to compose something in the likes of Cuatro Negro.

Edwin Colon Zayas was always and inspiration to Gerardo Vargas when he was strongly playing Cuatro. “I am nothing like him when it comes to playing Cuatro, maybe if I kept going when I was in Puerto Rico. But now I am an animator, not a musician.” Still, we enjoy his Cuatro on the evenings to unwind. So, of course we will bring that to the film!


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