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MFA Thesis – Excerpt 15

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Master of Fine Arts (MFA) | 0 comments

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“I was confronted with the idea of conceptual animation in the fine arts at PNCA. Coming from the commercial side of animation, I felt the necessity to change my goal to accommodate more conceptual elements into my animation project. I found the prospect unappealing and unconsciously resisted the change. I eventually realized that I was concerned by the prospect of loosing my voice to the spontaneous and accidental nature I perceived as the base of the abstractions presented in the examples of fine art animations to which I was exposed. I learned that the feeling of unease I had was due to the questioning of the tropes I was accustomed to in the commercial arts, and the strict control of the visuals required to deliver the message. It is at this juncture that I realized that conceptual animation does not require that the work be nonrepresentational or even accidental. Method and technique can be conceptual, but so can subject matter and theme. With this realization, my vision of Traces changed from a Disney-like film into an almost fully abstract animation and back to a representational artwork that became a tool to fight insidious social indoctrination.”


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