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Oppression – MFA Thesis Excerpt 25

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Master of Fine Arts (MFA) | 0 comments

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Excuses for Oppression

Oppression views from the MFA thesis:

“Delusion is a powerful weapon. For instance, in the decades preceding World War I, German nationalist groups promoted the idea that Germany was surrounded by increasingly aggressive nations that envied their superior position. 1 This narrative was used as an excuse for the war and the conquering of those envious nations. A society does not need to be overly prejudiced to be racist, simply indifferent to the suffering caused by its own dominant narrative. 2

The intent of the film Traces Retraced is to explore the theme of oppression and a few others. Society constantly likes to think and say that we have evolved and became civilized. But, on the other hand, you can see the doctrinarian trends of public schools to dumb down the students. And private schools some times are worst. That is why we love Science Fiction. We can educate while entertaining.

It is our stand to follow anthropology’s and sociology’s push to eradicate the concept of race. Race, as history has shown, was born from the oppression of certain groups over others and creating the concept of race to justify their discriminations. As a result, we understand and accept the existence of racism. But we call it what it is, discrimination against groups based on physical differences.

Short Explanation

Delusion is all around us. Growing in a colony and constantly exposed to the colonial treatment were common and in part helped Gerardo Vargas and his peers learn to research and find the truth behind the “history” lessons. Scripted talks take a toll on the youth and creates in them feelings of lesser importance. And on top of that, Capitalism is all about creating cattle. Having the population be just consumers. And the youth, in their search to belong to a group, are pull in all directions by those scripted talks. In their search to belong to a group, some end up in criminal gangs.


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