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A new chapter for Traces…

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Business of Animation | 4 comments

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A new chapter for Traces Retraced is here. We started the centralized web site here (https://traces-retraced.film/) to talk only about the film and its production. This site will continue to handle all studio productions including the commissioned projects for fine arts.

Traces Retraced is more relevant to current events than ever. The atrocities happening around the globe these days are presented from a critical view in the 3D short film. Using analysis of a couple of theories of cause and effect of the social issues current and historical, the film evolved from a commercial endevour to a social justice practice as commentary.

Many of the members of the studio are natives of colonial oppresion, from the owner to the contractors. Many of those members are also from “minority” groups. We are encouraged by the evolution of movement around the nation and the world. And we welcome any other “labeled” group that is helping stop discrimination based on any societal construct. We are all humans.

How is Daca Daguao responding?

We hire people based on skills, nothing else. We don’t see race, sexual inclination, gender, age or any other “label” when hiring our contractors and future employees.

Animation production is one of the industries that can live while in quarantine. Most commercial artists can. But the resulting isolation is not healthy in the long run. So we devise methods like many now, to socialize with responsibility to every member’s well being. It can be difficult when some of our members are in the Caribbean time zone, some in Central USA time and some in Pacific Coast time. A welcome challenge though!

We advise that those of you participating in the reopening phases of your respective districts and region do so in a responsible way. Stay strong and healthy, and live long and prosper like Mr. Spock would say.


  1. Marisabel

    Confination due to the pandemic can hinder the will to create. I suggest artists make time to practice self care. including practicing the art techniques you wish to improve.

    I will follow to see how the studio develops.

  2. Hernan

    Are you looking for animators to work in the studio? Do you have an employment page?

    • Cacique Daguao

      We don’t have positions open at this time. But yes, future projects will provide opportunities. Stay tuned.


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