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Reflecting time. Gentrification.

by | Jan 6, 2019 | Social Justice, Visual Studies | 0 comments

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Why does society keeps training people to devalue some professions and overvalue others?

Could it be a conspiracy? Nah! Nothing that mysterious. Ever heard of gentrification? It is the process of segregating part of society where the “privileged” gets to move into “desired” areas of a city or urban hub while systematically removing the “undesirables.” Same thing happens in professions and careers. Let me give you an example… To be a school art teacher, it takes 4 tests (depends on the state too) to get a “general” license. If you want to “specialize” you’ll take a few more. Not to mention all the training before, during and after the license process you have to take despite any college training you may already have.

Compare that to the two tests I needed to be a Math teacher and no college requirements. But somehow, math teachers are more important than art teachers… so, it has nothing to do with knowledge or smarts.

In the 3D world, gentrification happens from a stand of who is an elite and who is not. If you are an Autodesk user (any of their softwares) then you are in. If you are not, then you are out. I see the young artists that have never picked up an actual brush or a conte stick and are always fighting each other over what tool is better…

Imagine two surgeons fighting over which scalpel to use to open you up for surgery… stupid right? Am I exaggerating? Yes and no. The exaggeration is to make a point.


A little perspective: surgery’s history is about 2 to 3 thousands of years depending who you ask and that knowledge is compartmentalized (surgeons specialize on a few subjects at a time). Art is over 30,000 years, and most professional artists are required to know and understand that knowledge base. Then… specialize. Particularly if you will teach!

Going back to teaching, medicine in general does not actively use “old” (think hundreds of years) knowledge to inform future research. Once they “learn” current practices they do not revisit the past. Artists have to constantly revisit the past to re-invent and educate the future generations.

Medicine moves from present to future and art moves back and forth visiting future, past and present and not necessarily in line or any particular order.

With that perspective, what makes Art less valuable than Medicine?


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