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Short film title, finally official.

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Blender Content Creation, Business of Animation | 0 comments

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We present to you, Traces Retraced.

Queen Alearie of Alatia posing in her violet body forming dress and royal cape.
And the Queen!

A completely Open Source Software produced 3D animated short film (in process, though) headed by Blender.

When Gerardo Vargas was working on the MFA at PNCA, a film with the title Traces came out. He had to pause the title until he could get farther along the production. But here it is! The actors have recorded their voice overs and we are adding the music and special sounds to make the script come alive! It is a great process, made a lot better with open source software and it takes a lot of work. We hope to create enough financing to soon hire other artists. We want to get the film done in the next two years.

There is an excellent supply of artists looking for work in this venue of 3D animation. They all have great skills but no access to Maya, 3dMaxs or any of the other 3D “mainstream” software packages. This is out goal, to hire these artists and make an animation studio. We are using this first film to set the ground work for the structure of the studio.

Financing for the film

We are using this store, a Patreon campaign and plan to use kickstarted and other crowdfunding sites in the future when the film is more developed. Keep an eye pealed on this, Gerardo Vargas did make good progress on his own, imagine if we have 10 to 20 more artists working with us. We also want to hire artists that can teach to open an art school, so this film is carrying a lot of weight. We trust it will be just what the industry (and Gerardo Vargas!) needs.

Go ahead and follow this blog, the store it belongs to or any of the social networks where the company Daca Daguao Digital Design, LLC is currently exploring its process. Let’s do this.


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