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Testing iPad Pro and pencil.

by | May 13, 2018 | Blender Content Creation | 0 comments

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Testing iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and AstroPad with Blender for sculpting, what a joy. AstroPad and iPad Pro are a great alternative and definitely more affordable than a Cintiq. I am no longer tethered to my Cintiq in my dark musky cave. Uhummmm I mean, studio. And I can go and work at Starbucks and get arrested, I mean, wait! No… I mean, Barnes & Nobel coffee shop… hmmm… maybe not a good idea to go to a coffee shop now days. Ok, zoo? Well…

Any way, mobile studio for digital sculpting. AWESOMENESS! And more work to be done.

Image of Boris development on iPad Pro and Pencil.
Here I use Procreate to continue the Photoshop illustration of Boris.


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