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What goes into producing a short?

by | Jan 12, 2019 | Animation, Blender Content Creation | 0 comments

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Recently we started updating the portfolio of the film production. We want to show the process of producing a short with the example of creating a 3D vehicle. And it has gotten interest on the social media venues shown, so know that it is a good idea. We can imagine for some people it is still a mystery.

In the introduction of the portfolio we give a bit of background on the image while explaining how and why we use the process while producing the short. But we did not mentioned, and will do so in next update, that we love to using graph paper. The paper usually needed for math classes to plot charts and such. We create the orthographic views of the objects that are going to be modeled. It is great exercise on the creativity of imagining an object that doesn’t exist!

Orthographic Process

And once you have the orthographic views in the form of front, one side if symmetrical or both if not, top, bottom, and back views, you can set the images in a box for the modeling program You are using (Maya, 3DsMax, Modo, Cinema4d, etc.). In our case, we did not use more than just the side and top views. Gerardo Vargas created this design, so he did not need to do the whole 360 degree! Besides, he likes the freedom to “make it as I go.”

The image on the right shows the view of how the orthographic images are placed for work in Blender 2.8.

Orthographic view of security vehicle from 45 degree view.

On that same page, we will post more videos of the process, producing the short, in sped up form. The first one postes already there is 44 minutes long (original) and it is shortened to 2 minutes due to the speed. Stay tuned for more updates that will happen soon.


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